ID Card Integration

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Protect your employees, property and assets with photo ID cards and streamline your organisation’s security management. Photo ID cards allow organisations to centrally manage people’s physical and electronic access to the organisation, and help support the overall security management system.

Photo ID security systems can:

• track time and attendance (cards can be linked to payroll systems)

• provide access across multiple buildings, sites and systems (eg printers, photocopiers, forklifts)

• improve card management and security (ID access cards are cancelled when staff, contractors or visitors leave)

• support visitor management systems (for example digital sign-in for visitors)

• be integrated with existing access control systems

• save money with one card across all systems.

Integrated support

We can assist you with every aspect of establishing your ID card system including:

• Set-up, roll-out and ongoing implementation

• Installation of access control readers and ID card printers where necessary

• Software and integration with existing access control security

• Support with ID card policies and procedures.